Philippine Agriculture

philagriPlantAsian is a Philippine incorporated company and is mandated to develop agricultural opportunities within the Philippines and throughout Australasia, where several projects have now been identified.

PlantAsian will capitalize on the enormous potential in the Philippines for vastly improved agricultural production. It is well known that the past two decades has seen the Philippines agricultural sector deteriorate to such an extent that the country has gone from being a net food producer to become the most food dependent country within the South East Asian region.

With few exceptions, agricultural productivity in the Philippines has declined substantially during that period as a result of a range of factors including declining agricultural investment and institutional support brought on by law and order concerns and poor land management practices which have been further exasperated due to the negative effects of 'El Nino' (droughts or excessive flooding from typhoons).

PlantAsian's initial agricultural projects are located in and around the General Santos area of Region XII, Southern Mindanao where a combination of intercropping programs are being established to produce coffee, coco, rubber, and cash crops such as bulb onion, chilies and asparagus for sale into the Philippine food markets and for export into neighboring countries as well as additional international markets.

Over time, PlantAsian will expand its operations to other Australasian nations, advancing the benefits of high technology food production and research